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  1. Disseminate and promote the development of policies, local, regional and national standards, programs and funds for the development, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. Exchange regional, municipal and city experiences at Waste Management.
  3. Promote and strengthen new markets, technology and business services for managers, cleaning companies, utilization and recovery and waste generators.
  4. Promoting research, knowledge and new business integrated management of all types of waste in Colombia and Latin America.
  5. Promote the organization, participation and entrepreneurship of communities in the value chains of business with waste and Zero Waste culture.


EXPORESIDUOS 2015, will have on the Academic Seminar Agenda, 60 papers, with emphasis on Policy and Regulation, Education and Economics, as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to frame the technological, business, and social management of waste. Its use alternatives, models private and public organizations, technological developments for disposal in sustainable logistics landfill storage, collection, transportation and transfer RESPEL treatment, hospital, post-consumer waste; models and business processes recyclers, artisans, entrepreneurs and configuration of networks as social and productive expression of connectivity.

PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES OF THE AGENDA ACADEMIC: USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and Colombia through exhibitions of 40 minutes spread over three days of knowledge and learning.

LEARNING is based on four components:

  1. ACADEMIC SEMINAR: a day of presentations in plenary hall, 2 days in 3 simultaneous themed rooms, with times of 40 minutes / exposure.
  2. SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS: with grounded in the DO structure; It takes place on June 5th, World Environment Day, so that participants can achieve the best concept on management, best practices and alternative uses of all types of waste.
  3. REFERENCE TABLES: a day dedicated to this activity with quotes and prior registration; 10 minute consultations with speakers of Academic Seminar to resolve concerns accurate.
  4. TECHNICAL VISITS: 10 Technical visits for Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, to hear experiences of great technological and value innovation towards solving similar problems throughout in Colombia and Latin America.

SPECIFICATIONS AND PLANNED VISITS: each visit will have its record with: objectives, location, travel time and technical characteristics. 10 visits will be made:

1. Achievement Center Recyclable Waste

2. Center for Organic Waste Utilization

3. Urban Composting Facilities

4. Community Entrepreneurship

5. Achievement Center RCD

6. Landfill Leachate-Plant

7. Achievement Centre oils and hydrocarbon derivatives

8. Center Incineration and Deactivation

9. Center RAEES

10. Transfer Station.


EXPORESIDUOS 2015, is positioned in Colombia and Latin America as the center to establish and strengthen NEW BUSINESSES in the field of waste, forward TRIPLE LINE: 1. Economic Growth. 2. Development and Social Equity. 3. Environmental Sustainability.

Participating companies will have the opportunity to access a 3 combined spaces or unique: 1. Business Expo. 2. Business Roundtable. 3. Business Forum to offer their products, record relationships and establish conditions or consolidate businesses.

BUSINESSES are based on three components:

  1. BUSINESS FAIR: projected for 120 modulated stands from 4m2, and conditioned spaces by request, on the days of June 4th, 5th and 6th, from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. Areas of fair employment: Patio de las Azaleas, common areas and Orquideorama.
  2. BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE: permanent space of two days, by appointment through specialized software to be installed through; directed by specialized personnel for the best indicators of economic impact, concretions and expectations of business information for participating companies.
  3. BUSINESS FORUM: a day to offer goods and services. In SALA COMERCIAL sessions, lasting 30 minutes for companies who book this service.


Every year since 1973, on June 5th, the World Environment Day is celebrated; which was established by the General Assembly United Nations in its Resolution XXVII on December 15, 1972 and was launched at the Conference of Stockholm, Sweden.

In the Assembly, the creation of the United Nations Environment Program was also approved (UNEP).

In 2012, UNEP, set a strategy for the promotion and development of the Green Economy and Waste Management. As part of the strategy, it should invest nearly $ 110 billion USD, to reduce by 85% the impact that would generate more than 13 billion tons of waste / year in landfills in 2050.

ACODAL makes possible the June 5th WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY in EXPORESIDUOS 2015. We will gather all actors of the problem, through: 1) the Learning and opportunities to structure and promote ethical BUSINESS of great environmental benefit. 2) Excellent prospects of economic and social equity; to forge challenging goals. 3) Through conducting, education, reduction and land use throughout the chain of Integrated Waste Management so that we may magnify life and hope for a world where all beings can keep the dream of being happy.

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